By utilizing this website, purchasing products, and using our services you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Access to this site for purposes other than educating yourself or purchasing products is not permitted. Persons found spamming, soliciting, or attempting to utilize this site for illegal or unauthorized means will be blocked and the data associated with their misuse reported to the applicable lawful authority.
  2. You agree to hold harmless Mary’s Meadow Farm, LLC and it’s members from any activity associated with or derived from the use of this site and it’s contents or information. Our “buy the piece” meat products are normally inspected by USDA inspected butcher locations, except poultry, which currently is being produced as “Exempted – P.L. 90-492″ and is not inspected. We utilize standards to process the poultry, which include the use of sterilized equipment, which we clean with Chlorine prior to use and rinse well with clean water to ensure no chemicals come in contact with your food. You are advised that we are not an inspected poultry processor, which we hope you are happy about! We don’t intend to become a factory slaughterhouse. Please cook all foods thoroughly and read labels, and visit for more information on food safety.
  3. All sales are final, once purchased we will contact you with arrangements to pick up your food. If you are not able to pick up your order within seven (7) days,  your order will be cancelled, however your purchase will NOT be refunded. We have to pay fees for credit card processing and penalties are often leveraged against merchants who have charge-backs or refunds issued frequently. If you pay for something, we want you to enjoy it, please take the time to come pick it up.
  4. We do NOT ship food. We believe in local agricultural sustainability and believe strongly in both producing and patronizing local food outlets. This is not only healthier for you, it’s better for the local economy, and ensures the highest quality food is provided to you and your family.
  5. We use technology, including tracking cookies and other means to advertise. If you want to be removed from mailing lists etc. please contact us to be removed.
  6. If you have a charge to dispute, please let us know and we will investigate and issue a refund if you had a stolen credit card or did not authorize the charge in limited circumstances that can be proven.
  7. Please utilize strong passwords for your accounts, your diligence enhances everyone’s safety.
  8. We are a business and our time is valuable; we are not discouraging people from visiting us, but we do not give tours or provide what is often called “agritourism”. We just don’t have time to show everyone around the farmland, which is actually a collection of several properties located in and around White Post, VA, so not all your animals are raised at the pick up location.
  9. We want you to be happy. Please contact us if you are ever dissatisfied with anything and we will make every attempt to rectify the problem.
  10. Live animal sales require deposit, which we collect on this site. Full payment is due just before slaughter. You will be sent an invoice, which you must pay before you receive the animal. To save you money on animals that you buy BEFORE slaughter, we do not send them to USDA butcher shops. If you want us to do so, let us know, but there will be a premium for that service as they are more expensive and often booked for months in advance.
  11. Mix and match, boxes, and most sales where we provide you with a certain number of pounds of meat or animal by the quarter are done so in an equitable manner. We can not predict the exact pounds an animal will be, nor can we predict the exact number of cuts we will get. This means we can not state with absolute certainty the exact quantities of meat you will receive in your box order etc… Our packs of meat are generally around 1 LB, although they vary. Some things we sell by the pack, others the pound. If we sell you a by the pound box order then that order will be as close as we can get to that poundage. In order to keep you happy, we usually put more, rather than less, in the box.
  12. Pre-orders. If you order certain things before they are ready; please be patient. We will contact you on the status of your order. If you order poultry we will order the chicks very early; then they take approximately 10-12 weeks to raise. You will be contacted when they are ready for pickup.
  13. Partial animal orders; if you order less than a whole beef, pig, etc… we must wait until we find buyers for the other half / quarter. We will let you know when we have matched you to another buyer and the animal can be processed. Once all parts have been sold we will schedule processing. You will be sent cut sheets to fill out for your part. If  we do not receive your cut sheet within 5 days after you receive it from us we will simply fill one out for you with common cuts and selections. You are still required to purchase and pay for your part before slaughter.
  14. If any part of this agreement is found to be unenforceable, it does not forfeit or cause to be invalid any other part of the agreement.
  15. The laws enforcing this agreement and the jurisdiction governing your interaction with this website and Mary’s Meadow Farm, LLC is in the United States of America, within the Commonwealth of Virginia and in the County of Warren.
  16. You agree to enjoy your locally raised meat and produce!


Thank you for choosing us to nourish your family!